Join us in protecting appropriate access to public lands and waterways

Australians for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) was formed to ensure that Australians are not arbitrarily denied the right to responsibly experience and enjoy the public lands and waterways that belong to the citizens of Australia.

The members of ARRA, which include off-highway vehicle drivers and riders, personal watercraft users and vacationing families, have joined together to provide input on decisions regarding land and water use designation, recreation opportunities, and preservation. Its members seek responsible consideration of competing activities, which are based on sound environmental principles.

No alliance member believes that recreation enthusiasts have the right to exclusive, unregulated use of our public lands and waterways, but all oppose closure or extreme regulation, which denies responsible citizens access to public lands and waterways for multifaceted recreational pursuits.

ARRA focuses on the entire spectrum of issues surrounding the Crisis of Closure. We work with land and water management agencies, local government representatives and most importantly, the citizens who care about maintaining access to public lands and waterways for outdoor recreational activities.

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